About Us

Roscommon GAA is the organisation responsible for promoting Gaelic Games and Irish Culture in County Roscommon, Ireland.

It is an amateur, volunteer-driven body and a group of 15 volunteers are elected to serve on the Executive Committee, which handles the day-to-day activities.

The organisation provides games and cultural activities for players from Under 6 to adult level and also fields representative teams which compete against teams from other counties.

Club Rossie is a volunteer a sub-committee of the county executive and serves as the commercial and fundraising arm of Roscommon GAA. Club Rossie was established in 2013 with the primary purpose of generating revenue to support the growth and development of Gaelic Games in County Roscommon.

Our income comes from Membership Sales, Merchandise, Event Tickets, Sponsorship, and various fundraising events.

Since its foundation, the committee has raised approximately €3,000,000 towards Roscommon GAA through various fundraisers and competitions. The most successful being the 2018 Win A House in Dublin draw.

The funds raised from this draw put Roscommon GAA in a  strong financial position for future development projects. The key focus being the refurbishments of the local GAA grounds of Dr Hyde Park as well as the establishment of a Centre of Excellence within the county. Gaelic Games are our national sport but it is much more than just a pastime for the people on the island of Ireland. These games have been played across the pitches and the lands of Ireland for over 100 years are steeped in the DNA of the people of Ireland. Our players are amateur players that do not get paid for their commitment, dedication and hard work. They play for the pride of their jersey.

The GAA as an organisation has grown and evolved to become highly sophisticated and more advanced in terms of player development, sporting standards and commercial infrastructures. This means that the demand for funding has intensified and still mostly relies on volunteerism.

We believe in our teams. We believe in our people. We believe in the spirit of the GAA. We believe that the best is yet to come.

The Club Rossie Team